Veliko Tarnovo Hall - Marinela

Brief Parent-Led CBT for child anxiety disorders - Part I

Anxiety disorders are common in children, often run a chronic course and present a risk for other serious psychological difficulties. Half of all people who experience an anxiety disorder first experience difficulties by the age of 11 years and families frequently tell us that they wished they had had support at that time, when their child first needed it.

CBT has a robust evidence base for child anxiety disorders, with good outcomes for preadolescent children. Yet very few children who could benefit access it. CBT for childhood anxiety can be efficiently delivered via parents or carers as they are in a position to learn and teach their child CBT principles and apply them within their day to day lives, and may also lead them to modify parental behaviours which inadvertently reinforce child anxiety problems.

Learning objectives

This workshop will:

- give an overview of the empirical background to brief, parent-led CBT for (pre-adolescent) child anxiety disorders

- describe outcomes from systematic clinical and cost-effectiveness evaluations in ‘real world’ settings

- introduce and provide opportunities to practice the core components of the intervention

- enable discussion of challenges that may be faced by therapists and families in implementing this approach

Teaching Methods

Powerpoint presentation, video demonstration, role play, discussion