Varna Hall - Marinela

Fair Enough or Not: The role of cognitive ability to process “fairness” in Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is an emotion that occurs at a hidden or open threat. Experiencing at a very high and/or a chronic nature, makes it hard to live with. Common understanding in treating the anxiety focuses on the increased perception of catastrophic situations, like illnesses, economical or legal disasters. Our recent study proposed that the catastrophic focus on threats at the cognitive level is also related with a increased emphasis of fairness. People who score high on self-sacrifice and punitiveness schemas also scores high on pessimism and vulnerability schemas.

So it looks like the cognitive bias in anxiety disorders are not only towards the likelihood of an catastrophic event that will occur, but also towards the way of happening of it, in an unfair situation or not. Sickness is “bad” but not taking enough precautions is “worse”. Focussing on the being responsible of the catastrophe is a hidden source for the anxiety.

The aim of this workshop is to learn using techniques focused on over-resposibility that specific to anxiety.