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Fundamentals of effective CBT with Older People - Part I

We are living in an age of unprecedented demographic change and the new cohort of older people are undoubtedly going to expect to have access to high quality evidence-based psychological treatments for depression and the anxiety disorders. As such therapists need to equip themselves with new knowledge, skills and competences to meet the needs of older people.

The workshop is based on a series of case examples drawn from routine clinical practice that will enable you to work effectively with older people.

While depression and the anxiety disorders in later life are often misunderstood as a ‘natural’ consequence of challenges and losses associated with ageing, this workshop examines how CBT empowers older people to bringing about positive change. This workshop highlights an age-appropriate approach to CBT that draws upon the scientific literature from gerontology (the science of ageing). This workshop provides an overview of a new age appropriate approach to CBT that builds upon traditional Beck models of CBT. The main elements of an age-appropriate approach to CBT outlined in the day are attitudes to ageing, cohort values at a generational and familial level, optimizing functioning in comorbidity, age-appropriate case conceptualization and wisdom enhancement.