Kyoto Hall - Marinela

Infidelity: Is it possible to rebuild trust following infidelity?

Many things in life catch our eyes, but only a few of them catch our hearts and souls such as infidelity. Only a few things in life may be as painful as encountering infidelity. Infidelity is the violation of the standards and expectations of the relationship that emerges as the consequence of an emotional or physical relationship with another person(s).

Being unfaithful is a choice people make and deception comes as the consequence following infidelity. Most of the spouses perceive infidelity as a major threat to the continuation of the relationship and report that their marriage would be over if they ever face infidelity. However, in real life a considerable amount of couples continue their marriage despite the affair. Can these couples rebuilt trust and intimacy following the trauma of the infidelity. The answer depends on the perception of the affair both by the injured and participating (the one who was unfaithful) partners and how they manage the stages following the discovery of the affair.

This keynote will be a presentation to address the stages that the couple are likely to go through if they choose to stay together despite the pain of infidelity. Rebuilding intimacy and trust is a painful path that requires to pass through three stages. The initial stage is about the steps to be taken to cope with the crises that emerges immediately after the discovery of the affair. The second stage is giving a meaning to the affair to improve understanding that made the relationship vulnerable to infidelity and the final stage is how to move forward to get beyond the hurt to rebuild trust again.

We appreciate the warmth only if we have experienced the cold, the light only if we have experienced darkness and therefore sometimes the beauty and wisdom of happiness can only be appreciated through the experience of misery. Sometimes the misery of infidelity may be the driving force for future happiness.