Sofia 2 Hall - Marinela

Exposure Therapy: Basics and beyond

Good practice of exposure therapy requires a clear understanding of the core fear, a good case conceptualization, and knowledge of the current state of the field, both in terms of theory and research. Many challenges exist in both teaching and in doing good exposure therapy. The current workshop will be divided into four parts: first, theories and principles of good exposure therapy (in vivo, interoceptive, and imaginal exposures) will be reviewed, including integrating both cognitive and acceptance techniques into standard exposure therapy. Next, evidence for specificity of particular strategies for specific anxiety disorders will be reviewed (e.g., interoceptive exposure for panic, video feedback for social anxiety), as well as general principles for in vivo and imaginal exposures. Third, tips for difficult to treat patients will be discussed. Finally, experiences in disseminating these practices to both novice students as well as to experienced non-CBT clinicians will be described, with lessons learned, and pitfalls to avoid.