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Digital Apps as an Adjunct to CBT: Learning to Identify and Leverage the Right Apps for Our Patients

The purpose of this workshop is to present CBT practitioners with a step by step guidance regarding the use of digital apps as a supplement to CBT – drawing a line from identification of the right apps towards coaching patients through their utilization. The first section of the workshop focuses on how clinicians can use available quality ratings to identify the most appropriate apps within the CBT domain. The most important aspects to take into consideration in order to identify the right tools will be discussed, as well as the meaning of different quality ratings. The second section includes a presentation of the fundamental principles of health technology coaching – coaching that is focused on supporting users through app utilization – and a demonstration of ways to incorporate app use into the clinical sessions. The workshop will be mostly practical and will incorporate decision making exercises in order to help members identify the right apps and the use of online resources. After the workshop participants will have the option to continue communicating with the workshop leader.  Target Audience: Cognitive Behavioral therapists or trainees with moderate level of experience. Learning Objectives: Participants will be able to utilize data available through online app-stores and app-recommender websites to identify the right digital apps for their needs. Participants will demonstrate the application of their knowledge in picking relevant tools to supplement treatment. Participants will be able to explain the fundamentals of technology coaching and how to interact with patients to support the proper use of apps. Teaching Methods: Lecture, PowerPoint display of discussed materials, printed material, and moderated exercises. Workshop leader: Dr. Baumel is a licensed clinical psychologist, a senior lecturer in the Department of Community Mental Health, University of Haifa, and co-founder of – a non-profit website that educates different stakeholders about the use of digital apps. He has also developed criteria based quality ratings of digital interventions. Dr. Baumel has more than 10 years of experience – in the academia and previously in the Hitech industry – in design, research and development of user centered technology products, especially within the mental health domain. Implications for everyday clinical practice of CBT: The workshop enables CBT practitioners to learn how to utilized off-the-shelf products to promote patient engagement with treatment. Relevant background readings about the topic: (a sample DOIs): 10.2196/jmir.7270;; ; 10.1002/wps.20090 ; 10.2196/jmir.1602; 10.2196/mental.5335