Elena Hall - Marinela

Mentalizing and attachment in CBT

Some label the concept of mentalizing the ability to "see yourself from the outside and the other from the inside". The human being has all the resources needed in order to develop the ability to function with a social and learning brain. Like using language we mentalize naturally; most of the time we don't even need to think about it. Yet mentalizing is often seen as a skill that can be developed to varying degrees. Failing to mentalize can contribute to serious problems in relationships and psychopathology. That's one of the main reasons mentalizing is a crucial ability in the therapeutic room. This will lead us to examine the main points of mentalizing as well as its link to cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy with which it has a strong historical and practical bond. During the time of this workshop/masterclass we shall explore theoretically and experientially the concept of mentalizing or - as it is known in clinical context - keeping the mind in mind.