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Remediating reduced Autobiographical Memory Specificty (rAMS) with Memory Specificity Training (MeST)

Reduced Autobiographical Memory Specificity (rAMS) represents a vulnerability factor for depression. A brief group training, called Memory Specificity Training (MeST) was developed to remediate rAMS. First results are promising: MeST clearly improves patients’ level of memory specificity and also seems to lead to in improvements in symptoms and depression-related processes such as rumination, problem-solving and cognitive avoidance. However, interventions translated from basic science do not always translate well to clinical settings. The studies related to this skill class were aimed at preparing the dissemination and implementation of MeST by a) adapting MeST to clinical settings and examining effectiveness, b) creating and examining the use of an online train-the-trainer protocol and c) creating and examining a dismantled online version of MeST for individual use. In this skills class results and experiences of translating MeST to clinical settings and to an online application will be shortly be presented, following the basic ingredients of this training program will be interactively demonstrated and practiced. Learning objectives: To gain knowledge about the transdiagnostic mechanism called reduced Autobiographical Memory Specificity (rAMS) and the evidence base of remediating rAMS with Memory Specificity Training (MeST) To gain knowledge about the results of translating MeST to clinical settings using an online train-the-trainer protocol, and to patient populations using a dismantled online version of MeST To experience the core component of MeST To learn how to train/teach the core component of MeST
Suggested reading: Williams, J. M. G., Barnhofer, T., Crane, C., Herman, D., Raes, F., Watkins, E., & Dalgleish, T. (2007). Autobiographical memory specificity and emotional disorder. Psychological Bulletin, 133, 122–148. Dalgleish, T., Bevan, A., McKinnon, A., Breakwell, L., Mueller, V., Chadwick, I., ... Werner- Seidler, A. (2014). A comparison of Memory Specificity Training (MEST) to education and support (ES) in the treatment of recurrent depression: Study protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial. Trials, 15, 293–302. 6215-15-293