Elena Hall - Marinela

Experiential Interventions in Corrective Emotional Work with Children and Adults: Child Exercises that Fit for Adults

Elena Romanova, Paul Kasyanik Speaker
St.Petersburg University, Schema Therapy Institute in St.Petersburg Speaker

An important part of Schema Therapy (ST) is experiential mode work. This workshop is designed to improve therapists’ skills in applying different experiential techniques and focuses on the interventions designed for Child-Adolescent ST, which can also be used in individual and group work with adults. The heart of ST is healing work for the client’s Vulnerable Child Mode. Using techniques from C-A ST with adult patients will help them to better understand their own childhood experiences and needs, to develop healthier and safer ways of expressing their emotions including vulnerability and anger, to free the Happy Child (HCM) to fully enjoy play. Playful activities can weaken patients’ resistance in dealing with Parent (Critic) Modes and make these modes less powerful. These exercises can be used with individuals, groups and even with couples. They will allow to take full advantage of the “Good Parent” aspect of clients’ Healthy Adult Mode and strengthen the deficient HAM of the clients with personality disorders, complex trauma and other disorders.
Advanced understanding and ability to use more active experiential mode work with adults including interventions used with children and adolescents that expand the power of limited reparenting, creative imagery rescripting, art therapy, role-plays, body therapy techniques and the Happy Child games.
Workshop combines brief presentation, demonstrations and practice and is appropriate for therapists new to ST and those who are experienced with it. Participation in this workshop will add new interventions to use with clients and to facilitate deeper experience of the modes.