Varna Hall - Marinela

How accurate is that trauma narrative? Working with children experiencing PTSD following disaster - Part I

This workshop will describe a child and adolescent-oriented cognitive behavioural treatment approach with a trauma focus. Although the principles described are applicable to the treatment of post-traumatic stress resulting from both single incident (Type 1) and repeated (Type 2) trauma exposures, the focus in this workshop will be on the application to Type 1 trauma presentations in youth (specifically community-level trauma such as disasters) that result in the development of PTSD.

The workshop will cover the following broad topics:

- The evidence base for trauma-focussed CBT (TF-CBT) with this population;

- The theoretical model underpinning the approach described;

- Key treatment strategies (e.g., cognitive restructuring, affect regulation, in vivo exposure), with an emphasis on imaginal exposure;

- The role of parents in treatment;

- Common clinician concerns in relation to imaginal exposure; and

- Practical and process issues involved in running TF-CBT sessions with children and adolescents.

The workshop will be a mixture of didactic content and interactive activities, with demonstrations and role plays used to demonstrate key strategies.

The workshop is suitable for clinicians with little experience in trauma-focussed work with children and adolescents, as well as more experienced clinicians.