Silhouette Hall - Marinela

CBT with Older People: Enhancing the Evidence-Base

Older people are living longer than previous generations and as such Cognitive and Behavioural therapists are seeing much older clients than ever before. While the evidence-base suggests that CBT is efficacious for late life depression and the late life anxiety disorders there is virtually no literature and guidance on CBT with the oldest-old. Why this may be a problem is not solely due to increased comorbdity and complexity in clients aged in their 80s and 90s, but also because these clients often have value systems and cohort beliefs different from their therapists. What makes working with older people potentially more complex is that there are as many experiences of ageing as there are older people. Thus CBT therapists inexperienced in working with older people may have a lot to learn in order to feel confident with this client group. An evidence-based age appropriate approach to CBT to address these concerns is outlined in this keynote with useful guidance for therapists summarised in order to enhance treatment outcome with older people.