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Use of Motivational Interviewing in Cognitive Behavior Therapy Practice

Kiril Bozgunov , Georgi Vasilev Speaker

Effective combination of different psychotherapeutic modalities is an old topic of debate in modern psychology. Motivational Interviewing (MI) and Cognitive-behavioural Therapy (CBT) are among the leading evidence based psychotherapeutic approaches during the last decades. There is substantial evidence that they can be combined effectively that may result in increased effectiveness compared to their single use. The current workshop is presenting the Bulgarian experience in combining MI and CBT during the last years. The workshop consist of two parts. The first part includes introduction to MI with a short description of the spirit, main techniques and processes of MI that are introduced by means of didactic presentations and a set of practical exercises. The second part consist of short theoretical introduction to the combination of MI and CBT and practical exercises that illustrate the ideas how MI and CBT could be combined – i.e. 1) use of MI as a prelude to CBT aiming at building the therapeutic alliance and the client’s motivation for change; 2) Blending of MI and CBT during the whole duration of treatment. The workshop will be based on flexible blend of short theoretical parts, discussions and practical exercises.

Kiril Bozgunov .1*. , Georgi Vasilev. 1*.
1. Bulgarian Addictions Institute, Sofia, Bulgaria