Veliko Tarnovo Hall - Marinela

Internet-based CBT interventions

Internet-delivered cognitive behavior therapy (ICBT) has a relatively short history, with the first trials being conducted in the late 1990s. Since then well above 150 randomized controlled trials suggest that ICBT can be effective. Effect sizes for ICBT have been well within the range of face-to-face CBT with the exception of unguided programs (e.g., not even minimal therapist contact), which usually, but not always, result in smaller effects. So, the evidence is there but how is it done? In this workshop a pioneer in the field will present some recent research findings, but primarily share his experiences of how to become a true expert internet therapist. It is clear that therapist guidance generally is important for good outcome – but how much, how often and when should you do it? And most importantly, what should you write in your feedback? Based on their own research from analyzing the written content of email messages, sent from both the client and the therapist, clear suggestions will be shared and also practiced during the workshop. In the workshop clinical case examples will be provided together with screenshots and demonstration of treatment systems including the Swedish web platform as well as a gamified virtual reality exposure therapy intervention. Furthermore, a recently tested smartphone application will also be briefly presented. Finally, you will learn about the risk of negative effects of Internet-based cognitive behavior therapy and how to measure the occurrence of symptom deterioration, adverse and unwanted events, and their relationship with long term treatment outcome. Educational Learning Objectives:Understanding the varieties of Internet treatments and their differential effects and learn what is required to obtain good outcomes with guided Internet treatment. Knowing what is required in terms of therapist training and skills. Learning about the pros and cons of Internet treatment including tailoring treatment according to patient symptom profile. Workshop Outline:For the first part of the workshop an interactive lecture using PowerPoint will be used. The presentation will be interactive since the audience is encouraged to interrupt and ask questions at any time. Also, questions will be called out for the audience to reflect and comment on. In addition, group discussions will be used so that pairs can come up with examples of what an internet-therapist perhaps could reply to a case example. Finally, the last few minutes will be a question-and-answer session.